Fortune Favors the Wicked – Book Review


I received an eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The flow of this book was good and the characters were different and quite likeable,. I also enjoyed the secondary characters and setting. A woman who has been a courtesan and a former Naval officer who is now blind make for an interesting set of characters.

Both are searching for some gold coins stolen from the government in order to us them to make new lives for themselves.

With all that said, i felt that the abilities of the blind hero stretched credulity. The author states at the end of the book that the character is based on a real person, but I still found it a little difficult to believe his ability to get around in the world in the way he did in the book. Also, the thief seemed a little too nice and surrendered too easily, in my opinion, for someone who was involved in a theft that included the murder of five people and and two attacks on the hero.




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