The Rivals of Versailles – Book Review

Rivalsof Versailles

The Rivals of Versailles by Sally Christie

Publication date April 5, 2016

This book takes the reader on an indepth look at the life and career of Madame de Pompadour who ‘ruled’ by the side of King Louis XV for twenty years. It gives a good accounting of the other women in the King’s life and their place in it, from the viewpoint of Madame.

Being a fan of historical fiction, and history in general, I was familiar with Madame de Pompadour but this gave a nicely detailed story about her life and how she came to be the King’s mistress–  and later his most trusted advisor. I didn’t know previously that a fortune teller had told her that she would be loved by a King. That fortune changed the lifeline of a poor young girl forever and pointed her straight to Versailles.

The book was well written and I truly enjoyed this peek behind the scenes of such an illustrious woman.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.