The Ringmaster’s Wife – Book Review


The Ringmaster’s Wife by Kristy Cambron

What a MARVELOUS peek behind the scenes of the early days of Ringling Brothers circus!

The book follows Mable Burton, the woman who would become the wife of John Ringling, as she begins her journey to live a life of fulment and adventure far removed from the life she was expected to live on the farm where she grew up. She first meets John Ringling during the World’s Fair in Chicago, with immediate mutual attraction, and then loses touch with him only to find him again years later and become his wife. We see the story behind the legends and how very human they were inside all the fame and hoopla.

The second major character in the story, Lady Rosamund Easling, literally runs away to join the circus twenty years after we’ve already met Mable and John Ringling. Rose, as Lady Rosamund becomes, was born the daughter of an Earl and decides it’s not the life for her. With the help of Colin Keary, who is in England to buy her Arabian mare for the Ringling circus, she hops a train to a new life and becomes a trick rider in the circus. Eventually becoming the brighest star in the Ringling Brother’s Circus eschelon.

There is triump and tragedy in both womens’ lives and Kristy Cambron has created a skillful drawing of life behind the curtain of The Greatest Show on Earth!





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