Fated Love Excerpt

Fated Love smallSunlight poured through the window wall facing the fenced backyard and bathed the room in a golden glow. It should have been peaceful, but the two men eyed each other as though neither wanted to be the first to sit down. At last, Neil moved to the chair near Sarah and Jake sat on the sofa, removing his notepad from his pocket.

“Please give me the name and contact information for your partner, Ms. Cameron, I’ll need to speak with him also.”

Neil opened his mouth, but Sarah stopped him with a motion of her hand. She would answer the questions. If he wanted to stay and hear this conversation, he better just keep his mouth shut.

“His name is Isaiah Morton and he’s out of town at the moment. I intended to call him this morning, but haven’t gotten to it yet. You said the fire was set. How do you know that?”

“I found evidence of an accelerant in the wreckage. I still need you to give me Mr. Morton’s phone number and address for my records.”

With a sigh, Sarah gave him the information “Now can we get to the part where you tell me what evidence you have that the fire was set?”

Jake looked annoyed with her, but she had a right to ask the questions. It was her gallery after all – at least partially. And she knew Isaiah would be all over her for details as soon as he heard about the fire.

Couldn’t the man just get on with the business that brought him here? She couldn’t believe someone had deliberately burned down the gallery. Who could hate her that much? Or had it been directed at Isaiah? Casting her mind over the possibilities, she couldn’t think of a single person who had a grudge against either of them. There was no reason for the gallery to have been destroyed.

Jake looked up from his notes straight into her eyes. Her heart did a little tap dance in her chest. Even in the bright light of this room he was devastatingly handsome. Down, girl.

“Let me emphasize that my findings are preliminary at this point.”

The man was maddening. Couldn’t he just get to the point?

“However, it appears that gasoline was poured inside the building and then lighted with a crude timing device.” He watched her closely as he spoke. “We found the remains of a cheap alarm clock melted to what we believe was part of the floor about midway of one of the walls”

She sucked in a deep breath. Preliminary or not, this was bad news. There wasn’t a cheap alarm clock anywhere in the gallery so it couldn’t have been a mistake.