My New Favorite Reading, Dreaming, Thinking Place…

Backyard swingI am so in love with this new swing in my backyard. There’s nothing better on a soft, warm, breezy afternoon than swinging. With a good book. Thinking about the plot of my own next book. Or just dreaming in a hazy manner.

Now that the worst of the summer heat has passed, I’m really looking forward to spending some afternoons here. It took my BF and I the better part of two days to put it together. In the garage. Because it rained the weekend we had planned to put it together. We thought we were being so smart. Y’all already know how this story is going to go, right?

We set up a couple of saw horses with some wide wood as a platform to put the swing itself together, looked at the pictures and proceeded to put the frame pieces together. Then, when we were ready to put on the slats, the holes did not line up. We tried turning the slats in over, around, upside down. The holes would NOT line up. So, we looked at the directions again and saw that there were some very specific measurements for the skeleton of the swing that we hadn’t followed.So. we took the frame apart and reassemble per the specific instructions. And, what do you know? Jsut like magic the holes in the slats lined up perfectly with the holes in the frame.

This part had taken 6 hours, so we were pretty much over putting the swing together for the day and decided to do the frame for the swing to hang from the next day. Which went very smoothly. We checked for specific measurements to make sure everyting fit together right the first time and when it was finished I was so happy! Time to move it to the back yard. But since it was raining cats and dogs, we just hooked the swing into the fram and did some garage swinging for the evening.

Monday late afternoon, it had quit raining so we unhooked the swing and got ready to move the frame into the back yard. Unfortunately, we didn’t allow for the drop of the garage door when we decided we could build the swing in the garage and just carry it to the back yard. We didnt want to disassemble the top and side so we spent an hour trying to turn, flip, squeeze that darn frame past the garage door drop. No working. Frustration station and short tempers. So we quit for the day to think it over.

Tuesday late afternoon, we are back in the gargage assessing the sitution. You can’t see it in the picture, but the board that runs across the bottom of the frame is about a foot longer in front and two feet longer in back than the sides. So, we took those bottom boards off and, WOOOOO HOOOOO! We were able to rotate frame 180 degrees and get it out of the garage and into the back yard.

I really, really love the swing. And I love it even more because I have sweat equity in it. I can proudly say I helped build this beautiful thing!


5 thoughts on “My New Favorite Reading, Dreaming, Thinking Place…

  1. I love that seat. As a child my parents had a old fashioned cushioned type and I used to always sit reading my books on it before falling asleep.

  2. How odd, I just commented on here, hit send, but its not here. Some poor soul has my waffle on their blog haha. They will wonder what on earth I am going on about!!. I shall try again. My parents had one as a child, an old fashioned cushion type. I used to sit on it for hours reading my books before finally falling asleep xx

    • Hi Tracey! Your comment posted twice. LOL! No worries. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I am still totally loving my swing. It’s too hot during the day right now, but in the evenings it’s wonderful! Can’t wait for cooler days to sit out in the morning with a cup of tea while I ease into the day. šŸ™‚

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