Mini Computer = Easier Writing on the Road

I bought this Dell computer last Friday afternoon. I was looking for a computer that I could just put in my purse and go, but still be able to write books, short stories, etc. when I’m on the road. I am now in love with this one! It also caDell Inspiron 2016 Model 11.6-inch HD Laptop Premium High Performance | Intel Dual-Core | 2GB RAM | 32GB SSD | Bluetooth | WiFi | Windows 10 (Blue)me with a free 1-year subscription to Office 365.

I bought it, rushed home, ripped it out of the packaging and fired it up. I created a home group in my big computer and hooked them together. And, just like MAGIC, when I was out of town over the weekend, I was able to pull this nice little mini computer out of my purse and do some writing. No muss. No fuss. SO much easier than lugging the big 17 inch screen laptop around. This mini me computer weighs next to nothing! If you’re looking to downsize, this would be a great choice!! This little guy is less than 12 inches wide which made it SO easy to slip into the side pocket of my purse.

Here is it right next to a paperback copy of Death of a Wolfman so you can get a really good idea of the size of it. It did take me a minute to get used to the smaller keyboard, but it was so worth it! What do you think?