Lynn Cahoon Guest Post & Peek At Fatality By Firelight

Great interview with author Lynn Cahoon! I’m looking forward to meeting her at the Kentucky Book Fest this year.

Booth Talks Books would like to welcome Lynn Cahoon as she talks about her life as an author on the road and give us a sneak peek at her upcoming book, “Fatality by Firelight.”

Today was about building relationships and having experiences. Writers needed both.

Cat Latimer opens her next writers retreat with that statement and a trip to the Little Ski Hill that’s just outside of town.

13077010_272183106447485_7170828096244345958_nI totally agree with that statement. We do need both relationships with people who are not fictional (sorry Cat) and experiences that occur outside our writing office. So when Sheryl invited me to break bread with her and her daughter last April, I accepted, even though I knew I’d be worn out from a day of smoozing with readers at the Southern Kentucky Book Fest. I probably wasn’t the best company, but the food energized me for the drive home. And I…

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I talked about this a little bit on my S

I talked about this a little bit on my Street Team party last night on FB. I think I’m going to take the plunge and do this project. I can work on it five minutes or fifty minutes. The choice is mine. So even though I truly don’t need another project, the flexibility and uniqueness of this one has lured me in. #2017 #projects #susanboles